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Terms of participation in the Techtextil Student Contest 2019

  • On the occasion of Techtextil 2019 (14 – 17 May 2019 in Frankfurt), Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, will be organising the Techtextil Student Contest “Textile Structures for New Building”, to be presented in recognition of particularly innovative projects of students and young professionals. The winners will have the opportunity to showcase their products in a Special Show Area during the fair and will win one of the cash prizes from the total pay-out of € 8,000, sponsored by TensiNet. Information regarding the beginning and end of the contest is available at Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH reserves the right to cancel the Techtextil Student Contest at any time without stating any reasons or to end the contest prematurely.
  • The Techtextil Student Contest 2019 will be presented in recognition of particular achievements in the field of architecture, especially in the categories: macro-architecture, micro-architecture, material innovation, environment and ecology, composites, hybrid structures and the special topic “Urban Living – City of the Future”.
  • Eligibility for participation is limited to students and young professionals born after 1st March 1990. The age limitation is valid for all contributors/participants.
  • Eligibility for participation is limited to students or young professionals, subject to the respective certification, e.g. a copy of the student identity card, degree certificate not older than two years.
  • Participants must develop the projects to be submitted for the contest either alone or in groups of max. 10. All contributors of a project have to be registered. By entering the contest each participant accepts these Terms of Participation.
  • Participation in the contest will be by submitting the required documents online at to Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH. The products presented by submission of these documents should not have been available on the market for more than two years, or their market launch should be immediately pending.
  • For submission of documents a registration is necessary at Only entrants who register in full and submit all required documents in full, in time and in proper form will be entitled to participate. Defective or incomplete submissions cannot be considered in the evaluation process.
  • The deadline for uploading the contact data and project details online is 24 February 2019.
  • All application documents must be submitted in English. The jury will not evaluate any documents provided entirely or partly in any language other than English.
  • In the course of registration one personal contact per participant must be appointed for Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH. Such contact person will be in charge of all communications with Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH in connection with the Techtextil Student Contest.
  • Students applying to participate are required to provide the name of a supervisor at their university or college who has agreed to support their participation.
  • Responsibility for the accuracy of the data provided on the application to participate in the Techtextil Student Contest will lie solely with the participants. All information and documentation provided must be accurate; otherwise, the participant may be banned from participation in the Techtextil Student Contest.
  • By submitting its entries, the participants grants Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH (and its affiliates) the non-exclusive right to store the students’ or young professionals’ projects in a digital form for an unlimited period of time and to duplicate such projects and to forward such duplicates to the members of the jury for evaluation purposes and for archiving after such evaluation has been completed. Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH reserves the right to use and exploit all of the documents submitted for the purposes of participation in the Techtextil Student Contest including, but not limited to, photos, videos and illustrations, in any manner whatsoever for editorial publications and for purposes of marketing and promoting Heimtextil and Messe Frankfurt in any media including, but not limited to, post-event coverage and, in particular, online on the event website and in social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Responsibility for obtaining the rights to the students’ or young professionals’ projects submitted including, but not limited to, industrial property rights and personal rights will lie solely with the participant. No third-party rights may be infringed upon.
  • By submitting its application documents, the participant warrants its ownership of the rights required to use such application documents or, respectively, the existence of an uninterrupted chains of rights, and confirms that no third-party rights are infringed upon.
  • In the event of an infringement on any rights, the participant will release Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH from any and all third-party claims resulting from such infringement. Such release will include the reimbursement of expenses incurred at any time by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH in the exercise and/or defence of its rights.
  • Participation in the contest is free of charge. All products selected by the jury will be presented in a Special Show Area and honoured in an official award ceremony at Techtextil in Frankfurt am Main. The Special Show Area is intended solely to showcase the products which have received the award. Any presentation over and beyond the product will not be allowed in this area.
  • An independent jury, assembled by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, will decide which participants and projects will be honoured and exhibited at Techtextil and how the prize money of EUR 8,000 in total (sponsored by TensiNet) will be distributed.
  • The jury’s selection will be based on such criteria as: feasibility and practicability, use of textile and innovative materials, level of innovation, aesthetics / design approach, ecological quality / resource efficiency (e.g. energy efficiency), functionality and economic quality (cost minimization / time and process optimization). The jury will be free to weight the individual criteria when making their evaluation. The jury’s decision will be final. An individual justification of the jury’s decision will not be possible.
  • The winners will be informed by e-mail by March 2019. Messe Frankfurt reserves the right to feature the winners, with their relevant details (particularly name, company, possible photograph), in print media and online, particularly on the event website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and as part of follow-up reportage. Messe Frankfurt GmbH undertakes no liability for defective of incorrect information.
  • The participants selected by the Jury for a Techtextil Student Contest must agree to make their prizewinning projects available free of charge on the Special Show Area for exhibition purposes on all four days of the event.
  • Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH will reimburse participants for the shipment to Frankfurt and back to the return address indicated of works selected for exhibition during Techtextil. Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH will reimburse expenses incurred while travelling to the award ceremony in Frankfurt and back as well as the costs for an accommodation in Frankfurt for all participants with award-winning prizes. Accommodations will be selected and organised by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH. Beyond the above mentioned, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH will not reimburse the participants for any expenses incurred in connection with their applications and/or the presentation of their projects at Techtextil. To be reimbursed by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, participants must furnish original receipts for all reimbursable expenses incurred.
  • Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH is permitted to take images of any kind or to have them taken of all events relating to the Techtextil Student Contest 2019. Participants authorise the taking of photographs of themselves and / or their entries to the Techtextil Student Contest 2019. Additionally, participants consent to the use of these photographs with no limits on time or place by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH or, in accordance with Art. 15 of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG), with associated companies or contractually linked service providers for editorial reporting, as well as for marketing and advertising purposes for Techtextil and Messe Frankfurt in all media (especially the use on the event and corporate website, including the download section for journalists, social-media channels (especially Facebook and Instagram), apps, print media, e.g., the consumer, trade and daily press, both national and international, follow-up mailings, intranet, congresses and archiving), if applicable mentioning your names and positions.
  • Should any of the provisions of these terms of participation be or become invalid, the validity of the remainder of the provisions will remain unaffected.
  • The terms of participation are subject to German law. The place of jurisdiction for any disputes arising in connection with this terms of participation and the Techtextil Student Contest 2019 is Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
  • Legal recourse is excluded.
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